Tenerife wifi - "Connect to the future" – Providers of wifi in Tenerife.

            Welcome to the website of Tenerife WiFi SL, providers of wifi infrastructure and service to hotels, apartment complexes and private residences on the Island of Tenerife. In the last few years the internet has very quickly become an essential part of life for much of the population and consequently the demand for the internet via wifi in Tenerife is on the increase.

            Availability of the internet in Tenerife via the company that owns the telephone network is very patchy to say the least. In the larger towns and cities there is cable availability if you’re situated in established areas but in new areas Telefonica can be very slow to provide the cabling in the streets. Tenerife WiFi SL can provide a solution, usually without a connection fee, the need to pay for line rental or long term contracts. For long term clients Tenerife wifi service is paid monthly in advance and can be cancelled at a moments notice with no financial penalty.

             Tenerife WiFi provides quality wifi internet using state of the art equipment specifically designed for the purpose, not just a normal router that’s sending a wifi signal for all to use. With Tenerife WiFi each user gets a dedicated access to ensure that signal strength is maintained at the best possible level. In the near future all our access points for wifi in Tenerife will become part of a large network with very high speeds which will ensure that areas of high customer use can be supplied with extra bandwidth from low usage areas. The equipment that Tenerife wifi supplies will continuously monitor traffic and instantly redirect traffic accordingly.

            The provision of wifi in Tenerife for the tourist sector is an absolute essential in today’s world; the vast majority of tourists expect and need the internet to be available while on holiday. Internet cafes provide a basic service but the inconvenience of having to find and visit the nearest café is unacceptable in the modern world. A growing number of the population either bring laptops/notebooks with them or have wifi enabled phones. The convenience of being able to use wifi enabled devices in the room, around the pool or other public areas can greatly influence the choice of apartment or hotel. Wifi in Tenerife is a must for the tourist sector.

                Tenerife WiFi is a fully legal company offering top quality equipment and professional back up staff and service for the installation of wifi in Tenerife, contact us for help and information.